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First, let’s be clear – I’m not a Weight-Loss Coach.

I’m not here to give you a meal plan based on macros and send you on your way.

There’s no “diet” here that promises weight-loss and subsequent magical happy endings where being 10 pounds less suddenly makes your life change for the better.

Second – I’m better than that.

And so are you.

My Philosophy

My method of coaching is based on Eating Psychology and the principles of Intuitive Eating, not dieting. It’s not about losing weight, but gaining health. I teach you how to eat and move from a place of self-care, not self-control.  We work together to stop dieting – stop restricting – stop the starve/binge cycle – so you can live your life without thinking about every single bite you eat. We work on body movement and connection because despite the years of diet-abuse, your body is on your side. This is deep work, but so worth is to not feel that anxiety and inner turmoil when there’s cookies in the office. Through practical advice and support, we work together to stop dieting, so you can live a life free of constant weight-loss thoughts while feeling better than ever.

This is for you if you:

  • Are ready to stop spending so much of your brain power planning, worrying, and consumed by thoughts about food and what you “should” be doing
  • Want to stop restricting or over-exercising (or both) so you can actually enjoy a night out with friends
  • Want to stop being thatfriend who has to bring their own food to a party because there won’t be “healthy” options
  • Are avoiding social situations all together because you’ve gained weight since the last time you were together
  • Are tired of promising yourself that tomorrow, Monday, next week, in the New Year, will be when you finally bunker down and are “good”
  • Want to stop sneaking that candy or bag of chips
  • Are ready to feel hungry without fear of “blowing” your diet
  • Want to be so connected with your body and hunger that food no longer calls your name until you’re scarfing it down in a dark corner filled with shame
  • Are excited about accountability, support, new education, and deep conversation.
  • You want those amazing aha-ha moments that change everything

This is not for you if you:

  • Are looking to lose “X amount of pounds in X amount of time”
  • Looking for a pre-packaged program with meal plans and step-by-step guides on how to do each day – c’mon, you’re not a robot
  • Believe the key to weight-loss and eventual happiness is deprivation and control
  • Aren’t ready to be open and honest with me and more so, yourself
  • Can’t make yourself (or our sessions) a priority

If you’re ready to stop looking for that magic diet/pill/program and are finally ready to start living your life free of diet deprivation and food shame, you’re in the right place. I will be your dedicated coach, providing tools, guidance, and support. In the end, it’s your journey. You’ve got this.

Coaching Options

One-On-One The Minimalist’s Fave ($147)

- 1 60-min Initial Call: Review Health History and create Monthly Goals.
- Personalized Action Plan for the Month
- 4 Weeks of Unlimited Email Access

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Follow-Up Call ($70)

- 1 30-min Call
- Adapt and Renew Action Plan for the Month
- Review and Discuss Progress on Goals & Client “Homework”
- Address any Challenges that May Be Coming
- 4 Weeks of Unlimited Email Access

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One-On-One Classic Program

We’ll start with an Initial Call to review your Health History and Goals. Then we’ll touch base via FaceTime/Skype or Phone weekly to celebrate progress, create a new weekly action plan, and share new nutrition information.

What You Get:
- 1 60-min Call per Week
- Weekly Nutrition Information and Goals aka your Weekly Action Plan
- Unlimited Email Support

4 Week Intensive ($497) - 8 Week Program ($797) - 12 Week Program ($997)

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Group Coaching

Everything in the One-On-One, but shared with your nearest and dearest, while saving you some funds. Price depends on Group Size, but the more the merrier!

Why Unlimited Email Access?

To give you continued support and celebrate progress in-between sessions. Have a question or want to vent some frustrations? I’m here.


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