• Turning 33, Lessons & Thoughts, and the Power of Number 3


    Today is my birthday! And like many before me, I’m doing a “# Things I’ve Done/Learned/Changed with Turning #.” For those younger reading this, # means number (yes, also hashtag and…wait for it…pound sign on your phone) -Boom knowledge. A great way to reflect is to write these lists – to take the time to sit and step away from the daily routines to say – Damn, another birthday, how’s life going? There’s something special about this year and I feel like something big is going to happen. After all, according to numerology, the number 3 is the “exuberance of life.” That’s gotta be good…

    1. Turning 33 happened way faster than I thought it would.
    2. Being a wife is hard.
    3. Being a mom is harder.
    4. Being myself is hardest.
    5. Lotion is everything – like when did my hands become dry all the time?
    6. Eye cream and neck-firming cream are daily staples.
    7. I cannot stand clutter – it messes with my thinking. Cluttered room = cluttered thinking.
    8. My parents weren’t wrong about everything.
    9. Wine, wine, and more wine.
    10. I cannot handle horror movies anymore – Hocus Pocus is about it.
    11. I actually like my name now. ‘Christie’ sounds kinda old school these days.
    12. I need to exercise regularly – I’m cranky without it.
    13. Coffee is my BFF and worst enemy at the same time.
    14. That I still look around in stressful situations for the actual adult – but it’s me.
    15. People will let you down.
    16. People will surprise you in the best ways.
    17. Courtesy isn’t always there, but passive aggressively saying ‘Thank You’ still works.
    18. Naps are still numero uno and if you wake me up…you’ve released the kraken.
    19. I’ve had some friends since 1st grade, 5th grade, high school, and college. That’s pretty lucky.
    20. Not every situation needs a reaction.
    21. Not to take everything personally, because often times, it’s not meant to be.
    22. It’s okay to flip people the bird while driving because they cut you off and not play the “oh, they didn’t mean it” crap. Use your mirrors, Ass!
    23. It’s also okay to have dance parties while driving – I’m looking at you, Pitbull.
    24. Arguments between 33 year-olds and 2 year-olds typically end with the toddler winning.
    25. I find myself choosing more flats than heels these days.
    26. I’m still weird about my hair – ponytails and I still don’t mix.
    27. I recently bought a couple boxes of pens because I loved how they wrote – seriously, that has to be an old person thing.
    28. I wish I had worn my retainer all these years.
    29. I’m more proud of my daughter when she gets that something is funny, over reciting her ABC’s.
    30. My husband is truly my partner and competition is not great in a marriage.
    31. My introverted self LOVES those extroverted types – almost all my closest friends are.
    32. Quiet is needed. Meditation is powerful.
    33. Getting older isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, 33 feels magical. There’s power and strength in the number 3 and I’m double that? Two times that? That doubled?  Eh, you know what I mean.

    Ok, it’s the multiplication of 2 prime numbers – 3 X 11. Basically, I’m Optimus Prime.

    Here’s to a great year!

    What are your top 3 things you appreciate/love/learned at your age?

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