• Black Cocoa Chia Pudding Bowl

    Super-rich chocolate chia pudding makes you not miss those snack-packs from yester-year. If you want that creamier texture, pour all of it into a blender before setting in the fridge overnight.


    ¼ C. Chia Seeds

    1 C. Almond Milk

    1 tbsp Black Cocoa Powder

    1 tsp. Honey, or more to taste


    Combine all ingredients in a jar with lid. Shake like a polaroid picture and place in fridge over night. In the morning, give another good shake or stir. Top with whatever you like!

    I chose some cherries, yogurt, and sliced plum on mine, but a dollop of whipped cream would be delicious too!

    If you don’t have black cocoa, use regular cocoa powder. Remember, there’s no hard or fast rules here. Play with what you’ve got.

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